ABOT Predictive Maintenance

predictive maintenance compressor

From leakage to Oil Carry Over in Air prediction. We offer reliable solutions.

ABOT Predictive Maintenance
for Compressors
predictive maintenance compressor

Cost-effective Preventive
Maintenance ABOT helps you to use your Milling Machine and Lathes efficiency

ABOT Predictive Maintenance
for CNC Machines
Descartech Pump
Predictive Maintenance for PUMPS

From low pressure to cavitation predict every fault with ABOT

Descartech Extruder

Keep producing without downtimes

Predictive Maintenance
for Extruders
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ABOT ® Predictive Maintenance Tools

The eight pillars of Total productive maintenance are mostly focused on proactive and preventive techniques for improving equipment reliability:

  • Autonomous Maintenance *
  • Focused Improvement
  • Planned Maintenance *
  • Quality management
  • Early/equipment management *
  • Education and Training
  • Administrative & office TPM
  • Safety Health Environment

* : The capability of ABOT® Predictive Maintenance, tested and applied on the field!

Reduction in Downtime
Increase in Production
Return on Investment (ROI)
Reduction in Maintenance Costs
Elimination of Breakdowns

Quick Features of ABOT® Predictive Maintenance

Real-time:  Powerful hardware & software harmony for robust real-time monitoring.

Historian:  Stores historical machine condition monitoring data to very flexible and easy ABOT database.

Predictive Warnings:  Analyzes and generates decision trees to alert operator for best precaution.

Scalable:  Its unique plug & play design makes it easy to adapt everywhere.

Resource Efficiency:  Helps team to act wiser not harder by smart failure detection.

How it works

Sensor independent!

  • ABOT does not require expensive sensors for the predictive maintenance. Its high computational power enables using cheaper sensors.
  • In utopia sensing every component is desired target. However in real world; it is either expensive or non-feasible. Meanwhile every signal includes various information related with the component. That is the power of ABOT.



Vibration Monitor: Sensor monitors vibration in a three (X, Y, Z) axes in real-time continuous signal.  Our CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) based analysis performs feature coefficient calculation training. Once the trained model completed, vibration signal provides significant information (bearings, shaft, stator etc. ) for automatically anomaly detection. Data is stored and can be easily manipulated offline in an Excel sheet.

Temperature Monitor: Sensor monitors temperature in real-time our pre-trained algorithm knows how to decompose signal attributes from temperature signal.

Pressure Monitor: Pressure is the final product of Pumps and Compressors. Combination of Motor’s RPM data and pressure allows us to predict cavitation or  leakage easily.

Flow Monitor:  Likewise Pressure, Flow is also significant product of of Pumps and Compressors. Combination of Motor’s Voltage & Current data and flow allows us to predict bearing defects easily.

Voltage & Current Monitor: Voltage & Current is the nomenclature to define a set of techniques which produce evaluations about electrical machines based on current and voltage signals. The main idea behind the Voltage and Current monitoring techniques is each electrical machine has its own electrical signature which can be obtained by current and voltage signals. This electrical signature is the identity of the machine and represents its actual stage, i.e., its “health” conditions at this time.

Harmonics Monitor: Adding or removing loads from the system changes the amount of distortion, so it’s a good idea to regularly check harmonics.Harmonics cause heating and reduced life in motor windings and transformers, excessive neutral current, increased susceptibility to voltage sags, and reduced transformer efficiency.








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